Umbel Roots

a collaboration of land, creativity, community, and continued evolution in farming

Est. 2021 

Who we are....

Farmers William & Tom have known each other for the past 10 years in their passionate pursuit of discovery in careers across the wine & food industry. Realizing the soul and deep connections to the land organic farming shares, both have pivoted in their careers to work the land, build a farm, and feed their community now with Umbel Roots Farm

Who we serve...

We currently serve Solano County, Napa Valley, Sonoma, & Berkeley families and Bay Area restaurants with our farm produce. Weekly CSA member (Community Supported Agriculture) veggie boxes and wholesale produce sales are currently available.
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Expansion to serving Marin & SF coming summer 2021!

What's an Umbel Root?

A brief introduction- Umbel Roots, (Umbel is the namesake shape of a flower on an onion, carrot, or our beloved fennel). With a bit of "humble" wordplay, our aim is to grow unique market-driven produce while always remaining grounded to the land and those we feed & serve. 

Umbel Roots is a 20 acre parcel just east of Napa Valley in the heart of Suisun dedicated to organic, no-till farming practice. Our farm and our creativity are grown and fostered each day in the presence of this California land. 

We've only just planted the seed... 

Much like our farm, this website too will grow with a bit of watering and weeding! We'd love to welcome you in our storytelling and keep you in the loop with our growing farm.


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